Tuesday, October 13, 2009

4 AM wakeup

What our house looks like at 4am

I've been up since 4 thanks to the little man who decided to press on some nerve that causes acute pain. I guess I can't blame him since he doesn't really realize he's living inside another human being. Actually, he might. I expect that he is very intellectually advanced.

I can hear our next door neighbors' baby crying right now which gives me a sampling of what I'm trading for the freedom to sleep on my stomach. Although, I don't expect that Luke will cry much since he will probably be born fluent in 5 languages. I hope one of them is English.

Tomorrow's the great gettin' up morning. Also, it's our niece Ella's birthday. Happy Birthday Ella! (I'll say it again tomorrow) What a great day for our son to be born.

What I look like at 4am


  1. Tomorrow is the BIG day! Praying for you, Luke and Joel!!! I can't wait to meet Luke.

  2. YAAAHOOOOO!!!! See you tomorrow! You will be so awesome! Lisa and I can't wait to see you and meet Luke! Exclamation Point!

  3. You guys are so awesome. I hope tomorrow is the best day ever. I can't wait to see photos of little Luke!