Thursday, October 8, 2009

I panicked

You know part of why I think Hunter Vision will be great instead of just good? Division of labor. One of our key tenets going into this is to only let people do the job they were born to do, and try to keep the other stuff away from them. That means all medical decisions are mine, all business decisions are Josh's. He just said yesterday, "I would love it if you never had to talk to a sales person, but just told me what we needed and I handle it." I would love it too, because business conversations are as fun to me as watching The View or getting a calf cramp. I have no business sense.

Any doubt of that was shattered yesterday. At 5:30 pm, I got a phone call from an unknown number. I don't want to miss it if it is a patient, so I answer. I hear, "Hello Joel, it's Chad Blaine Maplethorpe (or some other businessy name), from the (funding company I can't remember). Can I talk to your for a moment?" Oh no, I thought. I hate these conversations. I hate them. I tried to bob and weave. "Sure, but let me give you a disclaimer at the beginning, my brother handles all the business stuff. I can fix eyes, but I really don't know anything about money." Well, I might as well have poured chum all around me. This man makes his living off pressuring people who don't know enough to make good choices. He can sense someone like me who tips 150% for a bad haircut just so he can stay friends with the Great Clips lady.

He asked me a series of pointed questions, and I finally said he really should talk to my brother because I wasn't going to be helpful, and I just want to help, and I think we really could be best friends if we'd met in a different life. "Oh sure, can I have your brother's number?" And I start thinking, "Oh man, I don't think Josh would want this guy to call him. This guy should just wait for Josh to call. I can't give him Josh's number." So I said, "Sure! Uhh, hmmm, oh wait, I don't have it." And he says, "You don't have your brother's cell phone number?" What a ludicrous lie to tell! Who would possibly believe that? But I say, "No, oh wait, let me look, oh, no I don't." Ridiculous.

In full panic and confusion, I had no idea what I was saying. I just started compulsively lying. I wondered during my morning prayers if you are allowed to plead insanity to God. Either way, it is clear to me that part of what will be great about Hunter Vision is that Josh and I are strong where the other is weak. I'd like to think he would panic if someone asked him to lift a 100 micron flap on a cornea and ablate the eye underneath it with a laser. Ask me to do that, and we're good. Ask me to buy the instrument to lift the flap, and I will likely tell you I would but I'm deaf and you should talk to my brother but he's on a space mission right now.

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  1. haha... boy this is good stuff. I have definitely reacted the exact same way on multiple occasions. You and Josh make the perfect team- Can't wait for you guys to get back down here!