Wednesday, October 21, 2009

less sleep


Pretty much, Lizzy doesn't sleep anymore. Luke wakes up in the middle of the night more than once and asks to eat. I roll over and incoherently ask if she wants me to drive him to Subway, and she dutifully gets up and goes and feeds him appropriate nutrition. I've never gotten to see my wife work this hard. I'm not sure I've ever gotten to see anyone work this hard. But she's done the whole deal with a smile on her face. I mean a literal smile. What a woman.

It's taken a while to write anything because our schedules are a wee bit different now. I hesitated to write even this, because I worried that Lizzy might get more advice on how raise Luke differently. People like to tell you child-rearing tips. "Oh, put him to bed with a live hamster" "Never let him sleep without adult-sized sunglasses on" "Put him in a large, open Bible each night." We don't know which tips are the right ones, so we just stick to the books we read.

We are so happy, though. Neither of us knew we could love anything the way we love this guy. This really is the best time of our entire lives. I can't wait to tell Lizzy about it later because I'm not sure she will be able to remember as much of it on six minutes of sleep a night.


  1. Not sure what happen to my last comment. I'm so glad to her that Lizzy is doing wonderful. I knew she would be a great mom!

  2. Hillarious suggestions :) We're expecting another in april so we'll have to test out the live hamster one. Congrats to you both!