Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Luke is Here!!!

Guest Blogger: Brother, Brother in-law, Uncle etc... Josh Hunter

Lizzy did great! Luke is healthy...all is well. Joel and Lizzy are resting and the rest of the Hunter posse that is here in Kansas is just hanging out in various places around town. It's colder than an "I don't know what" here. Luke is awesome. He pretty much just sleeps and makes noises like a tree frog so far. Here are a few pics I am sure you would all like to see...

Lizzy loves her new boy...

Eyes wide open...

A family pic...

Pop and Grandma...

Family of 3!

All for now. Keep praying for Joel and Lizzy and baby Luke...the journey has just begun.

-Josh out.


  1. So much happiness and gloriousness and squishiness! I wish I could be there to celebrate with you all! Ryan, Ruby and I love you!

  2. Great pictures Josh. Way to pinch-hit on the blog. Luke is awesome! And small.

  3. How beautiful. Praying for grace, rest, and joy to surround you on the journey. Much love to all, Debbie

  4. Congrats guys. Hope you get to go home soon and spend some quality time together.

    Joel, you're the man.

  5. Congratulations to Joel and Lizzy! Beautiful baby! Beautiful photos! Beautiful family!