Friday, October 9, 2009

My life lately

I realize I have done a poor job of contributing to this blog lately and I will say it's mainly because I haven't done anything worth writing about. I have spent my days completing fairly mundane tasks. Many in preparation for Luke's arrival. Many because it's just good hygiene.

I washed and folded laundry. See, boring. I ate oatmeal for breakfast. See, boring. It was strawberry flavored. Slightly less boring. I put too much water in it. Boring again.

Tuesday Joel and I went to Babies'R'Us to go on a massive baby supply shopping spree. I would tell you what we purchased but some of their names are embarrassing to type/read. I have to say the shopping trip was less unpleasant than we had originally expected. I have often compared said store to purgatory so you can understand why we weren't looking forward it.

At the end of our shopping experience we were helped by a kind, grandmotherly woman named Marta. She was our favorite part of Babies'R'Us. We even considered asking her to be our new best friend. We ended up deciding against it because we both have a fear of rejection. Maybe next time.

Yesterday I had a car seat inspected. That was a sobering event. Generally my car contains lots of empty soda bottles and dog hair. Never anything that attaches me to real responsibility. I went to the Olathe Police Department to have it checked. I was a little scared since historically speaking, police officers have never been especially kind to me. I figured that the officers who inspect car seats would be in extra low spirits because somehow the job that trained them to correctly operate a fire arm had landed them in the rain, looking inside the cars of pregnant women. I just assumed they would write me a ticket as soon as I got there for unkempt hair or a wrinkly sweater. They are usually good at coming up with reasons to write those.

I was pleasantly surprised that the two officers were extremely nice to me. They didn't ask me if I knew how fast I was going or tell me that they have the authority to take me to jail. Nope, they just asked me when I was having the baby, told me that the car seat was secure, and wished me luck. I guess being pregnant is a some sort of mutant ability that makes people who aren't usually nice to you, nice to you. I think I'm going to start carrying a prosthetic belly in my car from next Wednesday on just as a precautionary measure.

In case you are wondering what the rest of my day holds, I am going to wash baby clothes in some sort of detergent that is supposed to keep them from breaking out in a rash. Then I might go to the dry cleaners or even vacuum. Who knows. The world is my oyster.


  1. Don't worry your days will become way more interesting, but they will still involve lots of laundry. And I gave oatmeal a try again this morning, yep, still gross :)

  2. i am super glad i read your blog today for three reasons:

    1. i've missed your purple font.
    2. your positive experience at the dreaded babies' r us served as a pep talk for me before i had to go this morning. unfortunately, there is no one like marta at the store on colonial.
    3. i had no idea that it was necessary to have your car seat officially inspected before you put a person in it. you may have just saved janie's life.