Tuesday, October 6, 2009

O frabjous day!

What a day yesterday was! My brother Josh, the great wizard, managed to get us the money that we need to start Hunter Vision. It has been months of work, and years of planning to get to this point, but my brother, the first man in space, has gotten us off the ground. I spent half my life dedicated to training for this clinic, but had no way on earth to see this through. That is until my brother, the inventor of mathematics, brought it all together. Without him, Hunter Vision would have been me with a laser pointer, making a buzzing sound with my mouth.

Then my wife, the queen of beauty, dropped a bombshell. (I mean a figurative bombshell. She wasn't literally carrying old artillery shells from my souvenir collection and then dropped one. I don't even have a collection like that. This is unnecessary parenthetical distraction, I realize now.) "Joel," she said, "Kaci is going to come to Kansas two weeks after the birth and I want you to go on the hunting trip with your brothers. You really need a vacation." An incomprehensible piece of news. What nine-month pregnant woman says something like that? No one has ever heard that without it being followed by, "and let me get a pillow for you. And bring you a drink. Comfortable? (smile disappears in a scary way) You are a jerk. I have a baby in me, and you are a stupid jerk who doesn't know how uncomfortable it is to be pregnant."

I got no follow up like that from my wife. She's seen that I'm all stressed out and genuinely offered for me to go on the annual Hunter brother hunting trip. What a lady. She is all that is kind and pure and right in the world. I am married to pure sunlight. I love her.

So Hunter Vision will be the wonderful place we hoped it would, and I will soon be in a tree stand soaking in a beautiful northern Ohio November. God is good. Josh already wrote about all this, but it is the type of news that deserves to be told twice. If you want to be in a great mood, read this blog and his back to back. If you want a secret message, read every other word of his blog alternating with every other word of mine.

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  1. The cheers for Hunter Vision taking another huge step. Three Cheers for Josh and Joel. (Here's another step-- a new motto: "Hunter Vision: we'll fix your eyes... You will have to deal with the repercussions of being able to see life clearly for the first time in a really long time.")

    The Brothers Hunt lives on... yeah Lizzy!!!!!!!!!

    May your first child be a masculine child. Long walk, part of Gift.