Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oh Happy Day

Somehow, Lizzy looks like this after surgery.

After a long night, daylight is starting to creep in through the window. Luke is taking another crack at trying to figure out how to eat and doing an amazing job. He is a genius. Yesterday his temperature was a little low, but he has persevered and gotten it to 98.2. Incredible. He is like Rocky Balboa. I couldn't possibly have imagined 24 hours ago that I would be this proud of a floppy 6-pound human, but I am. We love this young man more than we knew we could.

Look at how great it is when he yawns! What a boy!


  1. Congrats to Dr. and Mrs. Hunter! He is gorgeous! Can't wait to hear all about everything on Monday!

  2. It pretty awesome how something as small as a yawn can be SO amazing! I can't wait to meet this handsome little boy.