Friday, October 9, 2009

Our fireplace

But the fire is so delightful.

Our fireplace is working now. The apartment complex fix-it man came and jerry-rigged a flue opener with a wire hanger. Our fix-it guy is MacGyver. He also showed us a way that we can hang up our clothes using old flue openers.

We bought a few bundles of wood from the grocery store and we've had a fire every night for four nights now. We don't have any kindling, so I have been rolling up entire ophthalmology journals and using them instead. I'm pretty sure that the reason you're not supposed to do that is that it fills your entire fireplace with very tall piles of ash. The fire sits higher each night because I pile the journals and wood on top of the ash from the night before. It will just be in our chimney soon. I should clean it, but I am procrastinating because I don't think it will be fun at all, and I think I will come out of it looking like a cartoon cigar blew up in my face.

But it has all been well worth the hassle. It makes our home very peaceful in the evenings, and we know that peaceful nights are about to be in short supply when the little man gets here. While the fire is glowing and it is cold and dark outside, Lizzy and I enjoy the last few nights of quiet for us as parents, and Luke enjoys his last few nights of quiet as a baby. It's good family time.

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