Thursday, October 22, 2009

Parent-colored glasses

That is supposed to be a play on the term "rose-colored glasses," but it doesn't really work now that I see it written out. What would that even mean? That's not a color. There is no "parent" colored crayon even in the really big box. What a ridiculous digression to begin this blog. I am up later than I have been in a long time. Luke's a night owl.

The point is that we are realizing that being a parent endows you with a unique view of your child. Lizzy and I think it is obvious after one week of life that Luke is talented to a superhuman degree. It has a lot to do with us being his parents, since his main skill set at this point is wiggling. We were really hoping to get video of him smiling meaningfully tonight, or maybe saying a few wise words. We failed. Here is a video excerpt of him not smiling.


  1. I watched this video through grandparent colored glasses and I'm pretty sure I saw Luke smile. (: Love you all so much, Mom

  2. This made me laugh. He's so so so cute! Bring him to Florida!

    Love, Allie