Tuesday, November 24, 2009

fun week

Hard to get a post in this week. That is how a fence maker might also begin a blog. For him it would be a double entendre. For me, it is just the one entendre. We are busy folks, but it is all good busy. Lizzy continues to raise Luke to be a good, strong, wise man. She finally got to nap while he napped yesterday and was a new woman. She might even beat this cold that has been harder to get rid of than an unwanted piece of glitter on your face.

For me, the doc that runs the pre and post op clinics at Durrie Vision is off for the week, so I get to do that all week. I love, love doing this. Weeks like this week confirm for me 100% that Hunter Vision is exactly the way I am supposed to spend the rest of my life. As you can imagine, there is a little suspicion of me when I walk in a room to see a patient expecting to see Dr. Durrie, because it is his name on the building. But it has become clear over the course of the last 5 months that, more than anything, people just need to know that you know what you're doing. If that is established, everyone is happier. And if that doesn't work, I tell them that my name is on the other side of the building.

Josh and Lauren get here today. That's my brother-in-law and his girlfriend from California. I enjoy them both immensely (though I've only ever met Lauren through Facebook). They are much much cooler than me, so I am going to have to buy a pair of high tops or a Criss Cross CD or whatever it is cool people do now. Ed Hardy shirts? I don't know. Anyway, I'm excited. I finished this in a rush because I am leaving for work now.

Friday, November 20, 2009

no words

Early early days.

That title for this blog is obviously a lie, as there are a lot of words written here. But today was just one of those days where words seem like they fall a little short of capturing the enormity of the events unfolding around us. Until today, Hunter Vision was a wonderful idea of a way that Josh and I would use our gifts to change the world around us for the better. I thought how great it would be if we provided all the stuff I learned in this last decade and a half in a way that made God happy, and Josh figured out a way to make that into a pretty amazing business model. We just sat around for an hour or so a day for the last four years talking it over (Lisa took that picture up above of this two years ago). But until today, it was just a beautiful dream.

Today, though, we completed the final paperwork to secure the loan that will bring Hunter Vision into existence for the rest of the world to enjoy, too. It is just almost too good to be true. All we can see from here to the horizon is a lifetime of prayer and hard work doing something we love. Who could ask for something better than that?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Man time

I just told him the ending of The Sixth Sense

A lot of times, in the evening I'll take care of Luke so that Lizzy can try to get a short nap before she goes to bed for the night for a series of short naps. It is a good time for Luke and I to talk about hunting, stare very wide-eyed at each other, review medical dictation software, work on our neck muscle strength... whatever we want. It is man time.

But tonight poor Lizzy hasn't slept at all because she has a cold. She's been in our bedroom for an hour and a half with the lights off clearing her throat and sniffing every 2 minutes. Maybe she's just having a dream where she is trying to get someone's attention who smells good. I hope so because she really, really needs some sleep. When I got home today, she looked like a very beautiful walking dead person. A mombie. That's a mom that's a zombie. And that's a boke.*

In other news, Lizzy and I signed off on all the final paperwork for the loan for Hunter Vision today. Friday, Josh does his signing at the bank (of the papers, not sign language), and it is official! It is nothing short of a miracle that Josh has been able to pull this off. Thanks to him, Hunter Vision will now have vim, vigor, and money. Before, we just had the first two. Big things to talk about during man time tonight!

* Bad joke.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

old video

Since we haven't posted in a while, we thought we'd go through old videos of Luke (I guess not that old) and try to find one of him doing a cartwheel or inventing bifocals. Instead, we found this one from the night before he was born.

I was barefoot and the couch was closer than I thought.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


I haven't written a blog since the birth of our son for fear that all I would talk about was how tired I am. I will say this, what they say about never sleeping once you have a newborn is not propaganda. I haven't slept longer than about a 2 hour stretch since he came into our lives. I will also say I have never been so content to be so sleep deprived.

As a new parent I find I have transformed into a person I never thought I'd be. I relish in every bit of minutia related to our son. I celebrate every milestone. Even ones that aren't actual milestones, just things Luke does. The other day he peed all over the bathroom mirror. I think he was writing his name. In cursive. What a boy.

Here's an actual milestone: rolling over

Ever since the moment we heard his cry, we have been madly in love with this little boy who spends his time robbing us of sleep and requiring a lot of laundering of tiny clothes. It is amazing how much we can love another person. What they say about the love you feel for your child, also not propaganda. Seeing him and experiencing love as a parent has given me a tiny glimpse of how our Creator must love us. What an awesome and humbling thing to behold.