Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Man time

I just told him the ending of The Sixth Sense

A lot of times, in the evening I'll take care of Luke so that Lizzy can try to get a short nap before she goes to bed for the night for a series of short naps. It is a good time for Luke and I to talk about hunting, stare very wide-eyed at each other, review medical dictation software, work on our neck muscle strength... whatever we want. It is man time.

But tonight poor Lizzy hasn't slept at all because she has a cold. She's been in our bedroom for an hour and a half with the lights off clearing her throat and sniffing every 2 minutes. Maybe she's just having a dream where she is trying to get someone's attention who smells good. I hope so because she really, really needs some sleep. When I got home today, she looked like a very beautiful walking dead person. A mombie. That's a mom that's a zombie. And that's a boke.*

In other news, Lizzy and I signed off on all the final paperwork for the loan for Hunter Vision today. Friday, Josh does his signing at the bank (of the papers, not sign language), and it is official! It is nothing short of a miracle that Josh has been able to pull this off. Thanks to him, Hunter Vision will now have vim, vigor, and money. Before, we just had the first two. Big things to talk about during man time tonight!

* Bad joke.


  1. We miss Luke...are you sure this isn't just him looking for us? (:
    Hope Lizzy feels better soon! We can't wait for you all to visit us next month!
    Love you, the other Joel Hunters!

  2. Second day in a row of me laughing out loud... nice work.

  3. Seriously, your photo caption almost made me pee my pants.

  4. i just started laughing audibly at the caption, at the sacramento airport. i believe you just gave me the gift of sitting by myself, as now, all the other passengers think i'm crazy. AMAZING.