Friday, November 20, 2009

no words

Early early days.

That title for this blog is obviously a lie, as there are a lot of words written here. But today was just one of those days where words seem like they fall a little short of capturing the enormity of the events unfolding around us. Until today, Hunter Vision was a wonderful idea of a way that Josh and I would use our gifts to change the world around us for the better. I thought how great it would be if we provided all the stuff I learned in this last decade and a half in a way that made God happy, and Josh figured out a way to make that into a pretty amazing business model. We just sat around for an hour or so a day for the last four years talking it over (Lisa took that picture up above of this two years ago). But until today, it was just a beautiful dream.

Today, though, we completed the final paperwork to secure the loan that will bring Hunter Vision into existence for the rest of the world to enjoy, too. It is just almost too good to be true. All we can see from here to the horizon is a lifetime of prayer and hard work doing something we love. Who could ask for something better than that?

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