Friday, January 1, 2010

A Year in Review

Well, it's 2010. A big year for our family. In just six months we will move back to Orlando for the grand unveiling of Hunter Vision, the best LASIK and cataract center on the planet. Joel and Josh are an amazing team and this practice will surely be remarkable. As we begin a new year's journey, I like to take a look back at the previous year and recount its happenings.

With the arrival of our son, 2009 was the most transformative year of my life to date. Here is a list of some of our most memorable moments in the past year. Joel and I (in chronological order with captions by Joel):

1. Went to the Florida State fair together for the first time (Joel may not have added this to the list but it was monumental to me).

Lizzy paid a dollar to see this. It was the only ride she let me skip.

2. Found out we were going to be parents.

Luke at 10 weeks. If you zoom in, he is already reading a tiny book (1776).

3. Located the worst movers on the planet who, for a small fee (not small), kindly damaged and /or destroyed our belongings before dropping them off in Kansas.

A box of ours, courtesy of The Movers Group. They pay a giant to kick boxes to each location.

4. Moved to Overland Park, Kansas for Joel's fellowship with the world renowned Dr. Dan Durrie.

Phone picture of Durrie Vision I took after my interview in May 2008.

5. Filed many complaints with the Better Business Bureau against The Movers Goup.

Lizzy is proud to be partly responsible for this rating.

6. Took up camping and fishing together (well, we camped once and fished twice).

The fist looks bigger when you hold it out in front of you like this.

This may be my favorite picture ever of Lizzy.

7. Joined Covenant Chapel and made some wonderful friends.

Luke's first visit to church (This photo doesn't quite fit in the chronology correctly)

8. Welcomed our handsome, talented, intelligent, articulate, astute, innovative, industrious, affable.....son, Luke Joel Hunter!

First family photo.

9. Had some amazing visits from, Pop and Grandma Hunter, Uncle Josh and Aunt Lisa, Grandma Ariza, Aunt Kari, Aunt Kaci and cousin Elijah, Uncle Isaac and Aunt Rhonda, Titi Nessa and Uncle Josh (the other one) and Aunt Lauren.

We don't have a photo of all of our loved ones that visited. Here is a picture of me with a Polish chicken at the Kansas City Zoo

10. Had a white Christmas for our first family Christmas!

Pretty Christmas view off our porch.

I was going to resolve this year to always know where my phone is at all times and have it fully charged (right now I actually think it's dead under Luke's crib or dresser or maybe in my car) but after reading this, I might have to switch it to letting thing go or letting bygones be bygones or letting sleeping dogs lie or to coin a new phrase, "not be mad at our mover anymore."

Happy New Year to you all! 2010 is the year of perfect vision!


  1. Superb blog... it made me laugh really hard. That picture of Joel with the Polish Chicken killed me. I am up late because Lincoln is sick... this made us both feel better. Here's is to the year of perfect vision...

  2. Lizzy - awesome recap! Hope this year is one of your best ever!