Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Goings On in Overland Park

Yesterday I took Luke to his 4-month check up. He did great! He had gained about 4 pounds since his last appointment and had grown 2 and a half inches! He's so talented. He had 6 vaccinations which he took like a young Lou Ferrigno. But with better control of his temper. He averages about a 5 second recovery time per shot. Impressive.

Unfortunately he had a rough reaction to the vaccinations later in the afternoon and we had about an hour of inconsolability (I'm not even going to check to see if that's an actual word). He finally regained his composure and was great for the rest of the day. Plus last night he slept like a..... well, I was going to say baby but 1. I think that would be redundant and 2. I don't think the person who created that phrase had ever met a baby. If used accurately it would describe someone who wakes up crying a lot. So Luke slept like an adult last night. 8 hours strong.

Today, I received word from Josh (Hunter) that Hunter Vision has received an NPI number so I'm going to work on getting registered with Medicare. So far I have learned that tackling this project will require less skill and more willingness to come across like an idiot on the phone with someone who doesn't like their job. I'm pretty comfortable with that so hopefully the process will go smoothly.

To end this blog, I am going to include this picture of Luke looking super crazy...

Luke doesn't really look like this but I would love him even if he did


  1. Oh my goodness I miss you guys so much! I'm so glad Luke has recovered from his shots...gotta admit that the picture makes me wonder if he really has though! (:
    Stay warm!
    Love you!

  2. So crazy he is already 4 months!
    Pretty sure that is my favorite picture of him yet :)

  3. oh man. i just put janie down after a good four hour stretch of her screaming and decided that i would sit down at the computer and catch up on my blog reading. i sure am glad i did, because reading about your recent happenings was enough to make me truly laugh out loud, which was really nice to hear after an afternoon of screaming, shushing, and baby voice talking. we miss you guys a lot!