Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Four Months Luke!

Yesterday Luke turned four months! Oh, and it was also Valentine's Day. Joel and I generally forego the big Valentine's Day hoopla . We usually just spend a low key day together at home. For instance, last year we spent a large portion of the day tying a heart shaped balloon to Roxie and taking pictures.

This year we raised the bar. Joel, being the awesome husband he is, bought me 2 dozen red roses and the best card ever. I bought him the movie "Unforgiven" and a Take Five bar. He wins.

Front of card

Inside of card. Get it?

Roxie celebrated Valentine's Day by pooping in the house. Twice. I almost celebrated by dropping her off in the woods somewhere. I did have to take into consideration, last year's balloon incident. I sort of had it coming.

Joel and I enjoyed the day by watching the recent addition to our DVD collection (an excellent film), going to the gym together and building a fire (in our fireplace). I then continued the festivities by washing my new ipod shuffle on gentle cycle in the washing machine. That's the problem with tiny, pocket-sized electronic devices. They often end up in pockets.

Luke ended the day with a Valentine's Day photo shoot for his lady love, Janie Simonds. We want to make sure she doesn't forget him while they live many lonely miles apart. I think we succeeded.

Here is a video of Luke's shoot. You can see how much he loves wearing a suit.

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