Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hunter Vacation

Luke Bonding with Uncle Jan

I just got back from the Hunter family vacation in Put-in-Bay Ohio. If you don't know where that is, I don't either but it is beautiful. It is in Lake Erie and you can see Canada from where we stay so it's somewhere near Canada. We take a plane, an automobile and a boat to get there and it's worth every mode of transportation.

Our Uncle Jan and Aunt Michele own a beautiful home on the island and the whole family (this year sans Joel and Josh) spends a week together there. They are kind to invite us and are pretty incredible hosts.

Luke finally had some quality time with his Hunter cousins and he seemed to love every moment. He's a lucky kid.

I came back home to a completely empty house. Actually, all of our furniture had been replaced by dog hair. Our movers must be practical jokers. Or else the never vacuuming under furniture finally caught up with me. I could have made a complete second dog. A large one. That is hollow. And has random pieces of currency in its fur.

We move back to Florida in 5 days. Today our Kansas friends are throwing us a going away party. They are all really great and we're going to miss them.

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