Wednesday, August 4, 2010


July into August has been a whirlwind to put it modestly. Our niece Ava's situation placed a perspective on our lives that can't be described outside of the sobering situation itself. When the life of someone you love is being threatened, it is hard to continue on with the tasks at hand. Everything seems trivial by comparison and to be honest, everything is. At the same time, our love for this precious girl needed to be the number one motivator for doing all things well. We are blessed beyond words to be surrounded by people who love and pray for our family as if it were their own. We are positive that this is the reason that she is doing well and why Hunter Vision was able to open its doors this past Monday.

As August 2nd rapidly approached, Joel, Josh and Hunter Vision's clinic director and whiz at everything, Katie, worked diligently to get Hunter Vision up and awesome. It worked. The place is incredible. Joel performed his first Hunter Vision procedures last week on the Hunter family and the Hunter Vision Family. Joel (the elder), Becky and Josh Hunter all received SBK (next generation LASIK). As did Ashley Simonds and Shawn Romano. Everyone is seeing like eagles as the saying goes. Our official opening day is four days past and so far it is running like a well oiled machine that runs really well. Thank you again for praying for us. You are a huge reason why.

One more note about Ava. She is doing great recovering from surgery. You can see how great in this video that her dad posted yesterday. Please keep praying for her. She is still in the thick of her battle. What an awesome kid she is. God is good and we know he can perform a miracle. Please pray that he does.
Big Cousin Ava and Luke last December


  1. praying for your family!

  2. Hey Joel & Lizzy,
    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your sweet niece, Ava. I cannot imagine what you and your family are going through. Joel, we were in South Africa together back in 2007 & it's so fun to have found your blog (through the Summit Twitter page) & to see how God is using you & your gifts to further His Kingdom! I know if I still lived in Orlando, I would come to your clinic in a heartbeat - I know you will take amazing care of your patients. May God bless you & your practice abundantly as you serve Him and His people! I pray that the Lord will comfort you and your family as you mourn the loss of Ava. May He give you the strength to make it through each day.
    PS - Congrats on the addition to your family - he looks beautiful :)
    ~Nicole Suhonen