Saturday, October 9, 2010

About a Girl

I realize we haven't blogged in a long while. It isn't because we don't want to, it's because we don't know what to say. Since our last blog, our little niece has gone to be with Jesus. It is still weird to see myself write that. We miss her terribly and although that part hurts our hearts, it it also a constant reminder that her life and her memory are with us. This blog is not intended to make you sad but I can't skip over talking about this one life that touched the lives of thousands.

We know that Ava is doing better now than she ever was on earth. Even when she was fully healthy. Even the knowledge of this fact doesn't lessen the missing her. It may be because I can't really understand that on this side of heaven but really I think it's because all of our lives were more blessed with Ava in them.

As we continue to mourn this great loss, I think mostly about Luke. I think about how Ava loved him and how excited he would be every time he saw her. I think about how she would help me feed him by wiping his face between every bite of food whether dirty or not. I think about how she would watch TV with him while holding his hand and about how impressively high her voice would get when she would talk to him. I always want him to know her. I always want him to understand how many people got to learn about Jesus because her life was short and not long. I want him to be brave like her.

I have always claimed to believe that God redeems all things. Admittedly, it is harder to stand by that statement when it is truly tested. God has been gracious in showing us a glimpse of how he is and will continue to redeem this hurt. The most recent stats from Josh (Ava's dad) for Ava's memorial service were that 9,000 viewed it throughout 49 countries. 4,000 of those viewed it live either in person or online. I know very few people whose lives have reached that many for Christ. Let alone the life of a five year old. Ava is truly an inspiration.

I have one request from all who have travelled this journey with Josh, Lisa and Noah. It is the best way you can honor Ava. Find out if Jesus is who he said he was. Start there. Allow it to be that simple.

We love you and thank you for every prayer and every word of encouragement.



  1. Amen, Lizzy. You have expressed my heart, as well. Like you, I miss her so much and, like you, I'm so grateful that we had her here at all--what a gift! By the time she had learned how to say "Aunt Wizzy" she was absolutely crazy about you. When she met Luke last winter, I think on some level she "adopted" him. Love that you wrote this blog, and love that your words are purple. How perfect.

  2. Love it. And no one loves her Ann Wizzy more than Ava. Thanks for this blog, Lizzy. You are a gift to our family.

  3. Lizzy, You are an amazing Aunt. Your love & words for Ava are so inspirational. I pray for you all each and every single day. She is an amazing precious child that has a legacy for Jesus that can't be denied.
    She has touched so many people and changed their lives for the better.
    None of us will ever forget her precious face and those amazing dimples and what she accomplished in her short life this side of heaven. I pray that the hurt softens and the memories fill you all with joy & laughter as you all remember her spunky way of life, she was and is a Supergirl.
    Love & Blessings to you all,
    Darden Brown

  4. It seems to me that every time i read a bog by a member of the Hunter family I see more what Christ-like people look like. While your family has to bear this difficult burden of losing Ava, Ava bore the terrific blessing of being born into the most amazing family. When she got to heaven i bet she thought to herself - "Wow, everyone in heaven is just like my family on earth."

  5. As so many others feel, your entire family is an inspiration and wonderful example for all of us. I followed Josh's blog everyday during Ava's illness and shed many tears as my heart broke for all of you. I still go on and get caught up atleast once a week and am always encouraged by something he says. I had read your old blogs over the summer and thought you were amazingly witty and it is good to have a recent post from you....even though this one was serious, it was heartwarming and wonderful. It is obvious that you were a wonderful aunt to sweet Ava.

  6. Im so sorry Lizzy for your loss! Praying for you and your family!