Monday, February 28, 2011


So, it's been a while. I am bad at remembering to blog. Actually, I remember but don't usually have time to allot to blogging.

Much has happened since my last blog in....late October was it? I can't remember. For starters, Luke grew a homeless man amount of hair on his head. Ironically, that is what he was for Halloween. Only I prefer the term, "hobo." It's more PC. When I have Joel proof read this, he is surely going to ask me to omit this section.

Luke also learned to walk, run, and talk back. I could have done without that last one but hopefully he's just getting it out early. Come early teens he'll be a gem. My sister-in-law is pregnant and expecting a little boy in July. Little Antoine Ariza. My brother Josh is engaged! He's getting married to a wonderful gal named Lauren. Lauren Roberta. So far I think I've only named about five or so things.....oh! Here'a a big one... Our dog is moving to Chicago this week so we'll have less tumble weeds made out of fur in our house. Welp, see ya!

Halloween 2010

Then we cut his hair like Hilary Swank

Now he looks like this...a young Phil Spector