Friday, November 18, 2011

New Domain and a New Blog

I realize I rarely update this blog. So little in fact that I recently typed in to realize that our domain had been purchased out from underneath us and is now a splash page for some sort of medicinal remedy/practical joke. Anyway, we are now the proud owners of which is the current address of this blog. If you follow us or link to us, it might be a good idea to switch this out in order to save face.

I believe our last blog was an update on our house being broken into. They never found the intruder. He (or she) did make out with our iPad (meaning steal not kiss excessively). Also, since the event, I regularly think people are breaking into our home. Yesterday I heard a noise coming from the kitchen and charged toward the window yelling unitelligably about how our house already got robbed and about how he (or she) already took the good stuff and about how I find his (or her) actions very off-putting, in an effort to thwart what I believed to be intruder #2. Then I heard the sound again and realized it was coming from the freezer. I sheepishly apologized to said non-intruder and went back about my business.

Finally, I'm not sure if you have heard but we (Becky, Rhonda, Lisa and I) wrote a book! It is called Why Her? You, Your Mother/Daughter -in-law and the Big Picture and is available on Amazon in both hard cover and Kindle versions. In addition we have started a corresponding blog at It is a resource to help mothers and daughters -in-law in their relationships and will also feature any news or upcoming events regarding the book. Come check it out and spread the word!

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  1. Hey new domain. Nice to see you. I hated the other one anyway.