Friday, July 27, 2012

A Blog to Pass the Time

I think about blogging lots and do it little. I actually can’t remember where I left off. I know it was after Luke was born but before….I turned 30?

I am 30 now and I have to say, this more mature age throws everything into a new perspective. For one, people call me ma’am a lot. A 25-year-old called me ma’am just the other day and I was so mad I spit. I didn’t really . We were on a plane and I didn’t want to risk being put on a no-fly list. Also, I was likely too distracted by my own terror induced crying. Our flight was very turbulent and those of you who know me know that I am a huge and old baby on planes. Actually, that no-fly list doesn’t sound half bad. Deborah was the cause of said turbulence (the tropical depression, not my cousin for those of you who know I have a cousin named Deborah). As you can see by my Deb reference, I began this blog about a month ago and am just now finishing it. Another testament to my blogging inconsistency. 

Luke is two and a half, give or take a few months. He is my favorite part of every day. He is talking up a storm. He says a lot of inappropriate things that I won’t type here. No profanity, just things that I’d prefer he not say in public. Okay, I can see you’re curious. I’ll throw a bone… 

“No touch Mom’s wiener.”  

That’s sort of his catch phrase. I don’t know why he would think I have a wiener, either culinarily or anatomically, but he feels emphatically that it should not be touched.

Another Luke phrase that is simply adorable is when he says, “Dad earn nickels,” whenever Joel is working. I should clarify--it was cute at first but then I discovered he didn’t know that there is a difference between nickels and nipples. I tried to show him some nickels to explain that we were talking about currency, not anatomy, but he just grabbed them, held them over his nipples and said with confidence, “Nickels.” I then gave up. 

In other news, we moved downtown a couple of weeks ago and it is terrific. We have lots of friends near by and almost everything is in walking distance, including the downtown library which is quite a bastion of literature and learning/the place where a homeless man spit on me once when I was 12. He was very crazy. To this day I will not enter that resources section.

I’m sure after reading the above, you are relieved that I rarely blog and, more-so, that reading my blog is entirely optional. Until we meet again in 8-12 months, give or take, enjoy your day/London Olympics/2012 election/Christmas/Birthday/next summer…