Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Two years ago today, our sweet niece Ava began her life in heaven. As I sit here now, remembering that little, blue-eyed girl, I feel I would be remiss in not reflecting on that one little life that changed so many of our own.

On a day like today, it’s difficult not to picture where we were at every moment on this day, two years ago. But remembering that one sad day is not remembering Ava. Ava was a warrior. She loved Jesus, her family, and Steve Urkel. She was tender-hearted, imaginative, and fearless. 

When I think of Ava, I think of a life, well-lived. I think of how she marked this world by showing us a glimpse of the other side. A glimpse of what we’re striving towards. She ran her race with the courage of a hundred men, during which, she poured into thousands the message of the One who loves her best—the One who loves us all best.

This morning I sat down with Luke and showed him pictures of his big cousin. I always want him to know her. I told him how funny she was and how she wasn’t scared of anything. Not even the dark (we’re working on that with him). I reminded him how much she loved him and of how she gets to live with Jesus now. 

When I think of Ava, I think of how God used her to reach many. He poured his love out though this little one in ways that we have only begun to know. I hope that on this day, we will all remember what we are running towards, what Ava ran towards. 

Now our little warrior feasts with the King. One day we will be there too. But until that day, I want to allow her life to be an inspiration, as I run my own race, remembering the gift that God gave us in a little, blue-eyed girl who loved Him so very well.


  1. That was inspirational. Well said.

  2. Beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl. - BH

  3. Beautiful! What an amazing little girl she was.

  4. Such a positive and precious way to lift up such an important little life .....that meant so much to so many!!!!
    ......all are precIous in HiS sight

  5. I so tenderly remember the memorial at Northland (our church after moving from Granger IN). It was the finest message I have ever, ever heard. I understand why it is not published on Northland's site, but I would have that message on my wall next to the pictures of my 4 young grandchildren, my wife, and the amazing portrait of Jesus by a young girl. I shall never forget it.